Shepard Fairey

A Real No Hoper

Alfred E. Neumann, MAD magazine’s jug-eared mascot is the latest in a long line of parodies of Shepard Fairey’s classic Hope poster of Barack Obama. Turns out that the image adorning the latest issue of the mag, #495, is actually Fairey’s favourite…

Fairey’s $400k for Obama

Back in January we posted on Shepard Fairey’s posters in support of the Barack Obama campaign. At the time, some comments cast doubt over how effective the posters would be. Not only is Obama now assured of the Democratic nomination but, we can reveal, sales of Fairey’s posters (shown above) raised over $400,000 to help him get there…

Obey George Orwell

Penguin Books has commissioned Shepard Fairey of Obey to create two new book covers – for two George Orwell classics: Animal Farm and 1984.

Obey Obama

Shepard Fairey is well known for his prolific stickering and flyposting of his propaganda-style images. While we at CR are well aware of his ability to stick his images just about anywhere in any city, we’re still surprised to see his the two hot-off-the-press posters he’s created in support of Senator Barack Obama…

Videos of the month

Our showcase in the December issue of Creative Review is all about music, and of course features some choice cuts of music video brilliance. Here is a selection of the vids featured in the issue, plus some other ones that have grabbed our attention this month. First up is Wade Shotter’s latest for Vincent Vincent & The Villains, which shows that you can’t beat a bit of good old-fashioned hula-hooping.

Drawing Inspiration

Many of you will be familiar with the work of Australian illustrator Jeremyville. Not only is his work colourful and distinctive – but the man is positively prolific in his output – as his latest tome, Jeremyville Sessions (published by IdN) testifies…

Can You Make Our Logo a Little Bigger?

The sponsorship of exhibitions is big business. Mark Sinclair visited several to see how far corporations have muscled in on our experience of art