Our World War: BBC launches first interactive episode

The BBC unveiled its first interactive episode online last night as part of new World War One Drama, Our World War. Using animation, original footage and multiple choice gameplay, it forces viewers to make some difficult life and death decisions…

New type

Our latest round up of new and noteworthy type designs, projects and events includes a look at McDonald Gill’s lettering for military headstones, a custom typeface for the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and a new book from Unit Editions exploring type and image…

New Blood’s new look

The identity and campaign for this year’s D&AD New Blood scheme was designed by The Office of Craig Oldham. Infographic-themed visuals include a wheel of muses, large-scale flow charts and supersized celebratory banners…

The Trends issue: Logo Design

Bill Gardner talks us through the hottest global trends in logo design this year, as compiled from thousands of submissions to his Logo Lounge website

Forgive us our ‘plagiarism’

The Nation’s Prayer, created for the England World Cup squad by Asbury & Asbury, proved remarkably ineffective. But after appearing in The Sun and elsewhere, it became a case study in the merits of sharing openly versus protecting intellectual property

Sheffield Design Week

The inaugural Sheffield Design Week takes place later this month and includes workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and talks spanning architecture, design and visual arts. Here’s a look at some of the highlights…

The Sun’s bouncy World Cup ad

For those of you who are growing weary of the relentless footie-themed ads, it’s far from over yet. Here’s a rather charming offering though, from The Sun, which offers a spin on the famous karaoke bouncing ball…

Manual Labour

Manuals 1 is the first comprehensively illustrated book on design manuals, featuring examples from the 1960s to the early 1980s; a period often regarded as the golden age of identity design. Published by Unit Editions, it is introduced by Adrian Shaughnessy and an edited version of his essay, exploring why these weighty objects still hold […]

Tayburn sets ‘impossible’ briefs for placement applicants

Creative consultancy Tayburn has set a series of seemingly impossible briefs for students and graduates applying to its annual placement scheme. Challenges include selling a theme park to the over 60s and putting a positive spin on an oil spill in one tweet…

Extreme Shooting

Originally designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, GoPro cameras have become the latest must-have creative gadget. We talk to CR readers about what makes them so useful and trace the brand’s highly effective use of content marketing techniques

Manuals 1 – Design & Identity Guidelines

In the May issue of CR we have an extract from Adrian Shaughnessy’s essay for Manuals 1, the latest title from Unit Editions. Here’s a first look at the book which documents 20 classic identity manuals from the 1960s to the early 80s