Elaine Lustig Cohen online

A new site dedicated to the work of US graphic designer and artist Elaine Lustig Cohen, who turned 88 earlier this month, has been launched by Kind Company. It’s a fantastic resource – and in bringing her work to a wider audience, it’s one of the best examples of online design biography out there

Spin designs a new visual identity for UCA

Design studio Spin has created a new visual identity for the University for the Creative Arts, a group of art and design colleges in Kent and Surrey. We spoke to Spin’s Tony Brook and UCA vice chancellor Simon Ofield-Kerr about why the university needed a rebrand and the thinking behind the new look…

Disrupted By – cutting through the art of noise

The term ‘disruption’ has become such a pseud’s staple in recent years that the title and theme of ‘Disrupted By’, the third annual Curated By event organised by the graphics design department at Sheffield Hallam University late last year, was always going to raise eyebrows

Ads of the Week

We have a clutch of TV spots to share with you this week, ranging from the ridiculous (Mentos) to the inspirational (Scorsese for Apple). But we open with a project that uses digital billboards in London to address how the economic and cultural landscape of the city is changing…

Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp at CR Club

At the latest of our CR Club events for Creative Review subscribers, Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp talked about his plans for the platform and the role of design in Silicon Valley

Akademie X: Lessons In Art + Life

Fancy doing an art degree, but not sure if it’s right for you? A new book from Phaidon, Akademie X: Lessons In Art + Life, might just be able to help you out…

What’s for tea?

Grocery shopping is in flux, as stores such as Bilder & De Clercq in Amsterdam suggest new ways for customers to choose what they would like to eat

The typecast artist

After years of neglect, the work of French type designer and adman Roger Excoffon is enjoying renewed interest. Jean Grogan reports from a conference about his work

Words of the Umbrella Movement

In a city where the majority of writing is finger scribbled on the screen of a smartphone, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement has developed into an unexpected platform for handwriting and handmade typography