Faber launches Modern Classics imprint

Faber has unveiled the look of its new Modern Classics range, which is set to launch early next year. The new design uses plenty of white space with a subtle band of colour, plus a line from each of the texts

Uncle Grey’s scratch vinyl posters

Uncle Grey Denmark has turned the common fly poster into a musical instrument to promote a new mobile app by headphone brand Urban Ears.

Turn that poster down!

If vibrant colourways and angular shapes just aren’t loud enough for your poster requirements, Trapped in Suburbia’s new interactive print adds another dimension to the mix: you can play it like an instrument

Great New Music Videos

Some truly bonkers music videos have been released this month; here’s a selection of the most quirky we’ve spotted. First up, a new promo for The Kooks, which demonstrates the dangers of a smile…

Looking up at the world

Shane Vincent’s ongoing series, Stand In Line, is the latest in a long tradition of photographic projects that turn the commonplace elements of modern life into more abstract constructions

Editorial photography: Shoot The Living

We recently received a 16-page newsprint publication from Shoot The Living, an editorial photographic agency based in Preston, Lancashire. Full of great portraits of politicians, actors, and street photography, we got in touch to find out more…

Ian Stevenson’s solo show: Really Shit

Ian Stevenson was invited by Dutch visual communications studio Trapped in Suburbia to put on a solo show at its Ship of Fools gallery in The Hague in The Netherlands. The show, entitled Really Shit, runs until August 26…

Helen Musselwhite: paper maker

For this month’s issue of CR, illustrator Helen Musselwhite created a charming wildlife scene using nothing but a selection of different paper stocks…

The Look Of Love

Amid all the doom and gloom in the magazine world (apart from at CR of course) many seem to be clinging onto the impending launch of Condé Nast’s bi-annual style title, Love, as the sole light in the darkness. And we have an exclusive first visual of the magazine’s logo

Love logo

Suburbia’s Lee Swillingham reveals the thinking behind the logo for Condé Nast’s glamorous new title

Stanley Donwood on In Rainbows

Work-in-progress images for the artwork for Radiohead’s seventh album, In Rainbows
Radiohead’s seventh album, In Rainbows, in case somehow you didn’t already know, arrived via a weblink today to those who opted into the band’s unique offer to “pay what you like” for it online, and finally shifted attention away from the band’s marketing genius and back onto their music. This should keep fans happy for now, as they wait for the third wave of the In Rainbows release, a box set, designed once again by Stanley Donwood and released in December.
While he is remaining quiet on how the final In Rainbows artwork will look (see CR’s December issue, out late November, for an early peek), Donwood has in fact been dropping hints via the Radiohead website for months now. The images shown here are from a selection that were posted up online over the 10 month period that the record was made.


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