Night Rider

Showing as part of Tate Britain’s epic new photography exhibition How We Are: Photographing Britain is Richard Primrose’s project NightBus Diaries, which documents London’s nocturnal comings and goings over several months in 2005

How We Are: Photographing Britain

1. Nancy Hellebrand, Marion in a Bed Sitter, July 1974 © Nancy Hellebrand
How We Are: Photographing Britain, currently on show at Tate Britain, celebrates nearly 170 years of British photography, from 1840 until the present day. The exhibition explores our relationship with the medium and the ways in which the camera has been used as a tool for recording, assessing and evaluating both information and our own culture.

A Small Medium

Artists and designers are transforming the humble button badge into a vibrant communications medium

Can You Make Our Logo a Little Bigger?

The sponsorship of exhibitions is big business. Mark Sinclair visited several to see how far corporations have muscled in on our experience of art

The kids are alright

Contemporary art in London is full of childish glee these days. If Carsten Höller’s slides (at the Tate Modern until April 15) sound too scary, how about a game of “Squeak Piggie Squeak” with the kids at Tino Sehgal’s latest interactive performance work, down at the ICA?

Here we go again…

If you can hear the sound of tabloid knives been sharpened, it’s because this year’s annual opportunity to bash contemporary art, the Turner Prize exhibition, is poised to open at London’s Tate Britain.

Promos of the week

Here’s a fresh crop of music videos for your delectation. First up is Chris Milk’s bug-ridden promo for Gnarls Barkley’s cover of Violent Femmes track Gone Daddy Gone, which reveals a surprising tale of unrequited love between a flea and a woman. Hmmm.

Making Tracks To The Tate

Cynical old hack that I am, I always get a sinking feeling when I hear about large public institutions attempting to “engage with young urban audiences”. So it was with a resigned air that I opened an email headed “Fallon creates cutting edge music partnerships to bring urban youth to Tate Modern”.