No limits to their talents

From Henri Matisse to Barney Bubbles, great creative minds refuse to be restricted by the labels that we put on people

Twentysix Hydrocarbon Blocks

Photographer Craig Ritchie’s latest book explores the effects of oil and gas extraction in the Peruvian Amazon on the area’s ecology and indigenous peoples – and takes artist Ed Ruscha’s seminal Twentysix Gas Stations as its starting point

A new crest for The Old Vic

In January 2013, London studio Rose was asked to review and update The Old Vic’s branding. The project is now complete and changes include a new set of typefaces from Colophon and a Royal Crest redrawn by artist Chris Mitchell…

Cut-out graphics for cut-out show

Visitors to Tate Modern can’t fail to miss the subject of the gallery’s latest blockbuster thanks to some supergraphics created by Cartlidge Levene. A timelapse film shows how the studio’s largest signage to date was applied to the gallery for the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition – while Ian Cartlidge explains how they did it

Urban geometry: the colourful work of Yoni Alter

Graphic artist Yoni Alter’s solo show at London’s Kemistry Gallery presents a colourful series of artworks inspired by urban geometry. We spoke to Alter about the exhibition, his creative influences and his recent idents for TV channel London Live…

Carl Andre cover art

The minimalist cover of Yale University Press’ new catalogue for artist Carl Andre uses a version of one of his text-based artworks from the 1960s to introduce the larger body of work inside

Exhibiting tendencies

The problem with posters designed for exhibitions? They relegate ideas in favour of the art, unlike this classic

Harbour lights

Sydney’s Darling Harbour has a new inflatable identity which aims to unite the area and reflect its sense of fun and energy

CR April: the photography issue

Our April issue is a photography special. In it we talk to photographer Nadav Kander abourt his new TV ad for Age UK; discuss the enduring appeal of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work with the curator behind a new retrospective; and also talk to four photographer’s agents about how they help their artists to make great work

ICA invades Dover Street Market

The ICA has invaded London shopping venue Dover Street Market for the latest instalment in its ‘Off-Site’ series of events. Designed by Julia, the show offers a fascinating look at some rarely seen material from the institute’s archives.