Guestbook, an inviting new magazine

Designed by Field Projects, Guestbook is a new quarterly publication created for onefinestay, an ‘unhotel’ concept that offers signed-up members the chance to rent out their home when they’re not using it to like-minded people…

Comedy’s serious face

Dave Brown is probably best known for playing Bollo the gorilla in The Mighty Boosh, but he is also a graphic designer and photographer. His new exhibition of portraits of 50 well known comedians opens today at London’s Strand Gallery…

Emerald to be the colour of 2013

Pantone’s announcement of its impending Colour of the Year has become almost as much of a Yuletide tradition as family rows and hangovers. 2013, we are told, is going to be all about Emerald, or Pantone 17-5641 to its friends

Getting seen

Ten years ago, the phones of illustration agents were constantly ringing with requests for their artists’ books to be sent out to art buyers and potential clients. Now that images can easily be browsed onscreen, some agents have abandoned the printed portfolio altogether, while others still see its value. So what is the best way to GET work SEEN?

A true pioneer

The sudden death of Andy Cameron last month prompted a wave of tributes to a hugely influential figure

Build creates Wordplay for Nokia

Design studio Build has designed a series of prints and postcards to celebrate and promote the fact that Nokia’s Pure typeface, designed by Dalton Maag, is available in no fewer than thirteen different language versions…

Welcome to Brand USA

Forget the old Red, White and Blue: America is to sell itself to the world via a multicoloured, ‘percolating’ logo by The Brand Union, launched yesterday


Jake Barton and his Local Projects team are months away from the launch of a career-defining project: the design of the exhibits for the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Helen Walters meets him in New York

From the forest floor

The Lost in the Forest Institute is helping bridge the gap between design education and industry