Tom Gauld

CR for CR: thank you

Over past week we have been running a series of auctions to benefit Comic Relief. The last of those has now finished. Thank you to everyone who donated their money, time or stuff

CR for CR: A roundup of what’s on offer

After burying the blog in posts about Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is finally here. Get your hands on some of our swag and support a fine cause. Here’s a roundup of everything available…

Pick Me Up at Somerset House

London’s graphic art fair is back at Somerset House – Pick Me Up opened today and runs until March 27. This year it will feature exhibited work by 24 artists plus a range of collectives, live printing, workshops and lots more cool stuff.

CR for CR: Tom Gauld Epic Tale print

The latest in our CR for CR auctions, artist and illustrator Tom Gauld has offered up one of his last remaining Characters for an Epic Tale prints

New 7up – now more fruity

7up has had a redesign. Now with more fruit, bubbles and, of course, a big ol’ number 7, we were fearing the worst but it’s not half bad…

Penguin 75: the stories behind the covers

A new book reveals some of the secrets behind Penguin’s cover designs by including candid interviews with both designers and authors. We have five extracts from the book that shed light on the particular ins and outs of creating the perfect cover

Tom Gauld on Diet Coke

It might seem an unusual pairing, but comic artist Tom Gauld has produced some rather lovely work for a new series of cans for Diet Coke

The Gigantic Robot

Tom Gauld will publish a new 32-page comic this summer entitled The Gigantic Robot. It’s a fable concerning the production of a secret weapon whose promise apparently goes unfulfilled

Tom Gauld’s sketchbooks

Detail of sketchbook page. © Tom Gauld
For a brief glimpse into the working methods of one of the UK’s best illustrators, head on over to Tom Gauld’s new Flickr page, where he has uploaded several of his sketchbook pages. For example, you can see how a cartoon he did for the Guardian entitled, The Street Tom Waits Grew Up On, evolved from a list of ideas and drawings to final artwork…

The 12 Days of Christmas show

A Partridge in a Pear Tree, by HelloVon
Christmas is, as most blog-readers around the world know, a time for giving and, we hope, receiving presents. However, there are, of course, those not fortunate enough to be sat indoors perusing the world wide web and its many wares, for whom Christmas represents a miserably cold and lonely time of year: homeless people. It is with those less fortunate than themselves in mind that the big-hearted folks at London-based design agency Studio8 Design have cooked up a festive art event, The 12 Days of Christmas, to raise money for the UK’s premier housing and homeless charity Shelter…

Some of our favourite videos of 2006

Before embarking properly on the new year, it is only right to pause and reflect a little upon some of the great (and one not so great) music videos of 2006. Since we started our blog in October we’ve been feeding you regular slices of promo brilliance but we thought that we’d take this opportunity to do a brief rundown of some of our faves from the whole year, in case you missed them first time round. There is nothing terribly scientific about this list, and we don’t have nearly enough room here to tell you all the ones that we liked, but here we go, in no particular order…

We begin with Tom Gauld and Dirty UK’s bleak but beautiful animated promo for Ed Harcourt’s Visit from the Dead Dog.