Andy Cameron

Andy Cameron, digital pioneer, co-founder of the Antirom collective, artist, teacher and, latterly, creative director at Fabrica and Wieden + Kennedy, has died unexpectedly

So, you want some ketchup?

Yum Yum’s latest animated short’s focus is that troublesome bottle of tomato ketchup that no matter how much you shake it, just won’t give up the goods…

What do designers like to eat?

Last year, CR’s Patrick blogged about how two features in our August issue mentioned the importance of “lunchtime arrangements” in studio culture. Now a new book, What’s Cooking? asks 28 designers specifically about the food and recipes they like

Favourite logos: our expert panel

As part of the research for our Top 20 logos issue, we asked various designers and writers to nominate their favourites. We thought you’d like to see all of their choices and the reasons behind them…


PlayStation & Output Studio create The Studio

Oh dear. The recently dropped bombshell that 77 million PlayStation owners might have had their credit card details stolen by cyber hackers has somewhat overshadowed a rather nice graphic art project the brand just launched in collaboration with Studio Output…

CR tomatoes?

You might remember that subscribers received their February issue in a biodegradable bag that came with a packet of tomato seeds. The idea was that you could stick the bag in the ground or pot and use it to grow tomatoes in. Seven months on, check out these babies

The French new wave

The latest installments in Fallon’s quirky French Connection campaign dials up the engaging idiosyncrasies of The Man. And The Woman? Well, she’s still very pretty…

Out of rom

As part of the Antirom collective, Andy Cameron was at the forefront of new media experimentation. After an eight-year stint at Benetton’s Fabrica research centre in Italy, he has recently joined ad agency Wieden + Kennedy in London. Eliza Williams meets a true pioneer