Decision time for the RCA

This week is an important one for the future of graphic design in the UK, writes Michael Johnson, as the RCA interviews candidates to run its Communication Art and Design course. But with CA&D a decade old, has Art proved too much of a distraction from Design?

Johan and Måns Tesch

Digital technology has brought change to all aspects of our world, not least the advertising industry. Johan and Måns Tesch, who are chairing the CR Click London conference in November, have been online from the beginning….

Design Indaba: Change for good

Speakers at this year’s Design Indaba were from a range of backgrounds, united by a desire for change. By Mark Sinclair

Me, Myself and I

From designer Nicholas Felton’s recently-published Annual Report, documenting his 2008 in minute detail. Last year he travelled 38,524 miles. Average speed: 4.39 mph
Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating? As Nicholas Felton issues his latest Feltron Report for 2008, Michael Johnson examines the new wave of ‘me-projects’.

Me, myself and I

Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating?
Michael Johnson investigates the new wave of ‘me-projects’

Fallon, the next ten years

It’s been a pretty good first ten years for Fallon, London. The agency is regularly described as the best in London, if not the world

Sulki & Min

They met at Yale and trained in Holland, but designers Sulki & Min see their future in Korea