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Some Nice Publications

Here is a selection of some rather nice publications that have landed recently on our desks here at CR towers…

Win a set of Not For Commercial Use prints

A set of five Not For Commercial Use posters, shot by Jason Tozer
Read on for a chance to bag this set of Not For Commercial Use posters, designed by Build, printed by Generation Press…

What, No Jewel Case?

Detail from one of the three inner sleeves from BUGGEDOut! Classics CD pack showing an ascii type illustration
Already this year several musical packages have landed on our desks and made us very happy – not least because they conspire to give a clear indication that budgets for music packaging are on the up…

Generation Press

The relationship between printer and designer is a key, if fractious, one. We talk to GP’s Paul Hewitt about managing it

See how a skateboarder sees

Photographer Steve Harries new book, Reading Lines, is launching with an exhibition in Carhartt’s London flagship store on Earlham Street from 1st February. The book showcases images of London skateboarders and the public spaces they explore, exploit and ultimately interact with…

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