Take part in your own lightsaber battle in new Google Chrome experience

Tapping into the excitement around the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, Google has created a Chrome Experience which every fan is going to want to play, as your mobile becomes a light saber, used to defeat Stormtroopers in a Star Destroyer.

We’ve seen dual screen experiences before, but this is a particularly fun one, with players invited to sync their phone to their computer and turn it into a light saber, which you wave around simply by moving your mobile in your hand. You can then wander the corridors of a Star Destroyer, looking for Stormtroopers to battle. The aim is to escape in as quick a time as possible, and you can share your results on social media, if that’s your bag.

The film below gives an example of the gameplay and you can play the real thing at lightsaber.withgoogle.com/.

Created by 72andSunny and Unit9, the game was initially storyboarded as drawings, which were then converted into 3D renders in the game engine Maya and used as the guideline for coding the gameplay moments. The team worked on concept art before the characters and objects were created in 3D. Below you can see how they refined their ideas for the way that the user’s hands should look, plus initial storyboards.


The team were supplied with highly detailed 3D models from ILM and worked very closely with Lucasfilm to get the look and the feel of the experience right. And in an especially nice touch, the music was carefully considered, with the soundtrack provided by LucasFilm and mixed by Plan8 to match each gameplay moment. The score is looped depending on what point of the game the user is at, but the music changes when certain important events occur. For example, when the user kills a Stormtrooper, the music changes immediately to reflect this plot twist.


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