Talent Spotters: Falmouth University – Graphic Design

As part of our Talent Spotters series of guest reviews of this year’s degree shows, Tom Cross picks his favourite work from the Falmouth University Graphic Design Show.

As part of our Talent Spotters series of guest reviews of this year’s degree shows, Tom Cross picks his favourite work from the Falmouth University Graphic Design Show.

This year, the Falmouth University Graphic Design show presents a wide range of unique and incredibly well crafted ideas and solutions. I’ve selected a few pieces of work that really stood out to me. The amount of talent this year has been incredible, I would strongly recommend seeing the full show for yourself as the standard is so high.

John Primmer

Primmer approached the D&AD National trust brief and created a beautiful and fun solution for the tough brief. The idea that nature is all around us and is in fact a ‘part of you’ I felt was a really insightful idea. The stickers to implement this worked really well, as well as the copy that reinforced the idea. Overall a very unique solution that I can imagine being used by the National Trust.

Malin Linnea

Everybody has experienced the terrible navigation of online flight booking, thus this solution created by Malin really stood out to me, not only is the logo mark a beautiful concept of taking off, but the thought and craft gone into the interface experience is staggering.

Adam Peacock

A (now) member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, Peacock approached the ISTD: Everything About One Thing brief focusing on the West Greenland kayak paddle, creating a truly beautiful and extensive book about the paddle, he also crafted the paddle himself. The attention to detail and the sheer scale of this book is well worth checking out in person.

Nathanael Blackbourn and Ben Earl

Nathanael Blackbourn and Ben Earl created the catalogue and look for the fashion design and performance sportswear design final year show. This very well crafted book creates an on-trend look whilst still portraying the degree show beautifully. The layout and colours compliment fashion perfectly whilst easily reflecting the contemporary elements and dedication of the fashion courses.

Lauren Wakefield

Lauren proves the book cover isn’t dead with this beautiful idea for Jonathan Coe’s novel ‘What A Carve Up!’ an entry for the Penguin Design Awards. I really enjoyed this cover because I instantly picked it up, thinking it was a VHS, that sort of nostalgic feel would be felt by many whilst also translating one of the pinnacle focal points of the book as well.

Simi Zeko

Simi has created a typographic piece of moving image for his imagining of a ‘cyberpunk film week’ The promotional poster/film immediately shouts 80’s and communicates perfectly what Simi wanted to convey. The audio and the look compliment each other for that truly 80s feel, this all being shown in his exhibition on an old VHS player television


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