Talent Spotters: Glasgow School of Art (part 2)

Kate Mothes of art blog Young Space reports back from the Glasgow School of Art grad show, in part two of our Talent Spotters series for this university.

Kate Mothes of art blog Young Space reports back from the Glasgow School of Art grad show, in part two of our Talent Spotters series for this university.

Olivia Diaz

Olivia Diaz‘s typeface ‘Liverpool 47’ is inspired by the 47 socialist councillors who led the Liverpool City Council from 1983 to 1987 and their fight against the Thatcher government. I liked the clean design that looked like pieces of tape or peeling paper, reminiscent of torn posters. It’s bold and a litte bit edgy with hit of retro.

James Harrison

James Harrison‘s project ‘Translocution’ collected photographs that he had taken throughout the four years he attended college. He merged and layered images together and combined them into a book. The images themselves are beautiful and sometimes quite moving, but a sense of worldliness is apparent in the pairings along with a playfulness that makes it difficult not to keep turning the page.

Kirstin Kerr

Kristin Kerr‘s ‘Object as Found’ takes an editorial approach to photography and focuses on printing styles and paper that related to the narrative. In this piece she printed large-scale images on architectural plotter, reflecting the Brutalist setting that the model explored. I liked this relationship of the subject to the printed material.

Zheng Li

The type photography by Zheng Li was bold and playful, especially since some of the pieces were broken up into randomized pieces. One of the examples was a wooden puzzle in which the pieces of lettering could be rearranged. I was drawn to the 3-dimensional quality of these images which added depth to the otherwise flat medium of typography.

Kate Timney

I was drawn to Kate Timney‘s prints and designs for book covers (in collaboration with Alice Rooney) that explore colour and pattern. Painterly texture of the illustrations mixed with the mysterious atmosphere of the scenes has a storybook quality that works perfectly for book design.

Fran Gordon

I liked Fran Gordon‘s large-scale collage approach to printmaking, but also how she focuses a lot on black and white imagery with carefully-considered placement of bright colours. A large fabric print as well as a screen-printed book entitled ‘At most I took it for a dream, an illusion,’ are striking compositions that explore image juxtapositions and blaring colour choices.

Catherine MacGruer

Catherine MacGruer‘s striking geometric textile designs were confident and edgy. They would have made ideal sweaters or bold jackets, but I also appreciated that they were versatile: perfect for either clothing design or interior decorations. I particularly loved the colour combinations, a mix of bright and muted with the sharp contrast of black and white.

Frankie Blair

Frankie Blair‘s fabrics and drawings are inspired by architecture in a straightforward way, the grid-like style of high-rise buildings providing almost readymade patterns. The graphic repeats with a photographic quality lend themselves well as bold shirts or as accents in smaller pieces.


The Glasgow School of Art grad show is open from 14 – 21 of June. For more visit www.gsa.ac.uk/life/gsa-events/events/d/degree-show-2014

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