Talent Spotters: Manchester School of Art (part 2)

Bonnie Craig reports back from the Manchester School of Art desgree show, in part two of our Talent Spotters series for this university.

Bonnie Craig reports back from the Manchester School of Art desgree show, in part two of our Talent Spotters series for this university.

There’s loads to enjoy at this year’s Manchester School of Art degree show: Alwaysallwaysland. Here’s a tiny snapshot of the massive range of talent on show – go and see the rest for yourself. The show’s on for an extra week this year and runs until Wednesday 25 June. Oh, and they’ve got the poshest art-school toilets I’ve ever seen.


Textiles in Practice

Claire Florey-Hitchcox carves intricate woodblocks with images inspired by cabinets of curiosities before hand printing her wallpaper designs, which provide a nice example of the whole research/process/technique/product package. (Pictured above)

Alix Dessain uses hand embroidery combined with various materials to create modular pieces that explore data visualisation, travel networks and movement. Don’t miss the large-scale piece high up in the entrance hall of the building.


Three Dimensional Design

Emma Dickinson‘s vessels cleverly translate paper garment patterns into ceramics, exploring how a flat sheet can be manipulated to create 3D forms.

Peter Greco‘s adaptable Hallway Tidy has space for all the usual hallway bits, plus your bike. It’s designed to be as cheap to construct as possible and comes apart for easy recycling.

Josie Faith‘s Tea Light collection of bone china lighting reinterprets traditional Spode teacups by exploring scale, form and pattern placement creating a charming balance of tradition and surprise.


Graphic Design

Joanna Roy‘s visual representation of John Cage’s 4′33″ explores the idea of visually mapping a piece of music. The Awkwardness of Silence shows the physical reactions of one person in a pair forced to remain silent throughout the duration of 4′33″.

Michael Crook‘s use of dreamy images, stories of life on the road and traditional hobo symbols in Vagrant stood out among the many beautifully designed books and zines.



Thomas Corvax‘s C15 series uses 30-year-old East German emulsion to document the disused Soviet Military sites that once belonged to East Germany. Subsequent digital work brings stunning colours, which Corvax compares to ‘fairy-tale adaptations produced by the East German film studio DEFA’.


Illustration with Animation

Becca Hall‘s illustrated concertina journal, From Kendal to Keswick, captures the essence of a trip in the Lakes while avoiding the tweeness often associated with the area’s hoards of tourists.

Manchester School of Art 2014 graduate show, Alwaysallwaysland is on until 25 June. More info at http://degreeshow.mmu.ac.uk

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