Talentspotting 2016 in the wild

We’ve partnered with JCDecaux to bring some great graduate artwork to 1000 screens across the UK, and they haven’t gone unnoticed. Have you spotted one yet?

From the 11th to the 31st of July a 1000 JCDecaux digital screens across the country displayed art and design work of 11 fresh graduates, chosen by the Creative Review editorial team. This Talentspotting project was our way of supporting young creative talent, something we are passionate about at CR.

Alan Vest's illustration of him and his father
Alan Vest’s illustration of him and his father

Located at some of the country’s busiest railway stations and shopping centres, these screens were pretty hard to miss. Each screen was captioned with the student’s name and university, and you can read the full list of graduates and find out more about their work at creativereview.co.uk/talentspotting

Fredrik Andersson's work at a railway station
Fredrik Andersson’s work at a railway station

Just like it was in 2015, the project was well received with plenty of spotters posting images on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow the project on our social channels, just search for the hashtag #CRtalentspotting

Illustration by Hattie Clark from Bath Spa University
Illustration by Hattie Clark from Bath Spa University

Illustration by Tessa Mackenzie
Illustration by Tessa Mackenzie

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