Talou’s cut-out identity evokes childhood crafts

The branding for the children’s knitwear company strikes a balance between playfulness and sophistication

London-based design studio The Yard Creative has worked on the branding for Talou, a children’s knitwear brand that uses a buy-back model to minimise waste.

Its name derives from ‘talu’, the old English word for tale – not the name that founder Ellie Whitehead originally had in mind, but one that ended up encapsulating the brand too well to turn down.

Angular cut-out shapes are at the heart of the branding, from the wordmark to graphic devices used across the wider identity and packaging, evoking paper cutting craft exercises for children.

Whitehead wanted a brand identity that was “both playful and sophisticated”, and could “capture the spirit of childhood and inspire children to use their imaginations”.

With a joyful yet tasteful aesthetic, there’s a clear awareness that although kids’ brands have to appeal to kids, their target audience also includes paying adults.