Taschen launches book celebrating NASA’s 60 years in space

The images contained in Taschen’s new book on NASA are embedded in our cultural consciousness: boot prints on the moon, the hovering international space station and panoramas of earth from space

And now we get to re-live it all over again. To mark the space agency’s 60th anniversary, on February 27 Taschen will publish The NASA Archives.

Researched in collaboration with NASA, the book provides an insight into the satellites, landers and observation programmes that have transformed our view of space.

More than 400 historic photographs capture NASA’s 60-year history: from its 1958 beginnings and decade-long evolution into the operation that put the first man on the moon, to its present-day pioneering developments.

The Mercury Control Center (MCC) at Cape Canaveral © NASA
Apollo 9 CM pilot Dave Scott emerges from the hatch, testing the spacesuit systems used for lunar operations © NASA
Buzz Aldrin’s boot prints from Apollo 11 © NASA

Edited by science and technology journalist Piers Bizony, with contributions from former NASA chief historian Roger Launius and Apollo historian Andrew Chaikin, the NASA Archives also includes a mission checklist documenting key human and robotic missions.

Its beautiful, hardcover production and striking layouts bring to life the people and machines behind some of the greatest discoveries of the past century.

The book’s launch comes five months ahead of July’s 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 mission and, with China beginning 2019 by successfully landing rover Yutu 2 on the unexplored far side of the moon, the world’s fascination with space exploration remains ever topical.

Apollo 11 CM Pilot Michael Collins inspects NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston © NASA
The Rendezvous Docking Simulator at Langley which prepared Gemini astronauts for the strange physics of orbital flight © NASA
NASA’s Anechoic Chambers © NASA

The NASA Archives is published by Taschen on February 27 and costs £100; taschen.com