The importance of taste in the creative process

Personal taste is key in this industry, but how does it come into play during the creative process, especially when working with others? CR speaks to a handful of teams to determine how to balance it

When you work in the creative industries it feels like almost a given that you have good taste, or are at least confident enough in your taste that you’ll be willing to vouch for it if needed. But personal tastes can prove challenging for those who work in teams or regularly collaborate with other creatives. How do you incorporate other people’s tastes into your own when working on the same project? What are you willing to compromise on? And where do the tastes of clients come in?

To answer these questions, CR has spoken to Berlin-based creative studio Sucuk & Bratwurst; design studio Yarza Twins; and advertising duo Millers & Long to see how they balance their tastes without sacrificing too much along the way.