What A Tasty Looking Burger

Artist James Dive returns to Sydney’s annual Sculpture By The Sea art exhibition with an eye-catching sculpture of a burger, which comes with a twist.

James Dive
All photos by Leticia Almeida

At first glance James Dive’s contribution to the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition, which sees artworks displayed along the picturesque walk from the Bondi to Tamarama beaches in Sydney, appears to be simply a piece of striking Pop Art.

But the shiny, fibreglass burger comes with a witty message. Attached to it is a giant fish hook and a rope that spreads out to sea, suggesting that for once we humans may be the ones who are prey. “Beware: the fish are now fishing”, writes Dive of the work on his website, and with Sydney well known for the odd shark attack on surfers, the idea will no doubt raise a smile, and perhaps give a moment’s pause.

James Dive
James Dive
James Dive

What A Tasty Looking Burger marks Dive’s first return to Sculpture By The Sea since his contribution while at The Glue Society in 2006 of a melting ice cream van titled Hot with a Chance of a Late Storm – another brilliant visual spectacle that was seen by many to also be a potent message on global warming.

Sculpture By The Sea is on show in Sydney until November 5; sculpturebythesea.com


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