A grey puppet of a creature sitting on a tractor against a model of an Australian landscape

Telstra launches 26 stop motion ads starring Aussie wildlife

The Australian mobile network is highlighting its strengths in a series of intricate campaign films featuring charming stop motion puppets

Australian wildlife is the star of Telstra’s new campaign, which highlights its credentials as the nation’s biggest and most reliable mobile network in a fun and entertaining way.

Created by Bear Meets Eagle on Fire in partnership with its sister agency +61, the campaign is formed of 26 mini ads focusing on different rural and regional towns across the country which are all served by Telstra’s network.

Each bitesized clip features Aussie animals and plant life that have been brought to life as puppets in stop motion. Expect “father and son krills and blokey wattle flowers, to larping Tasmanian devils and teenage goth cockatoos,” according to the agencies.

The films were directed by Jeff Low, who solicited the expertise of animation director Tobias Fouracre, known for his work on Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs. There’s an everyday Creature Comforts charm about the clips, which manage to elevate naturalistic dialogue – and what is essentially a dry topic – into joyful vignettes.

Agency: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire, +61
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Jeff Low
Animation Director: Tobias Fouracre
Production Designer: Oliver Hogan
Post (Australia): The Editors
Post (UK): Electric Theatre Collective