Meet the agency shaking up the ad industry in ten days

London-based agency 10 Days is run by a trio of brothers determined to prove that ten days is all it takes to crack a brief and make a brilliant ad. Creative director Jolyon White tells us how they get it done

After working in roles at Mother, 4Creative and Wieden+Kennedy, Jolyon White found himself starting to question agency life and the way many agencies approached creative work. “A tipping point was that while at my previous agency we had been working for a big beer brand. We won the pitch in two weeks and had a seven-figure production budget to create three 30-second spots,” explains White. 

The idea came to the team quickly, but the ads weren’t made until around six months after the initial pitch. “Some time after, one person, 20 rungs up the ladder on the client side, turned around and said: ‘No, we’re not doing that now’. At that point it was close to nine months of my life and I had nothing to show for it,” White remembers. 

10 Days’ founders: George, Jolyon and Dominic White. All images and videos: 10 Days

Sharing the frustrations with his strategist brother George White (who has previously been at Poke, Grey and Anomaly), and knowing things could be made quicker and cheaper from his own freelance projects, White decided to test out his theory. During some side project time, the pair, together with third brother Dominic White (on sound design and music), created an ad for Hertfordshire-based restaurant Peach. From start to finish the process took ten days, and so the agency 10 Days was born.