Tencent Video: Land of Warriors – Starry Forest experiential design

Category: Experiential; Entrant: Design Bridge and Partners

As one of the leading video streaming platforms in China, Tencent Video offers a wide range of content, including the number one streamed animated fantasy series in the country, The Land of Warriors.

Based on the show’s astounding success and its dedicated following, The Land of Warriors has launched several series of brand collaborations focusing more on the younger demographic. For this project, Design Bridge and Partners was looking for an opportunity to engage a different audience, one hoping to forge a meaningful connection with the series.

“We found that while the series takes place in Soul Land, the scenes set in the mystical Starry Forest often had higher fan engagement,” says Design Bridge and Partners. “Within the vast and captivating universe of Soul Land, the Starry Forest is more than just a setting. It is a witness to the character’s growth and a sacred place where characters retreat to advance their souls. We wanted to replicate the deep connection the characters have for the audience by elevating the Starry Forest from just a story scene to a real place with its own identity.

“We therefore brought the Starry Forest to life with the Forest Dream Exhibition, which debuted at the Joy City shopping centre in Shanghai from April 8 to May 7, 2023. The exhibition transported visitors into the vibrant forest realm using a series of awe-inspiring immersive settings and interactive AI installations.”

At the heart of the exhibition, visitors were immersed in an interactive experience powered by advanced AI technology. Through the use of the AI image platform Stable Diffusion and a series of questions answered by visitors, the platform produced botanical plants and flowers unique to that visitor. Colours and textures corresponded to their questions and outputted a distinctive fusion of personalisation and artistic expression.

“Once visitors had their individual plants, we used Leap Motion technology to allow them to bond with their botanical wonders using interactive gestures. This multi-sensory experience created a memorable connection to The Land of Warriors, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in the beautiful, mesmerising Soul Land Starry Forest. After they left the forest, they were able to take a beautiful key visual with them to share their botanic creations.” The interactive AI experience was so successful that it is being replicated and upgraded to roll out across mainland China.

Agency: Design Bridge & Partners
Managing Creative Director: Ray Lan
Creative Director/Design Director: Fu Le
Senior Designer: Erin Zhang
Creative Digital Director: Jessica Tan
Managing Business Director: Maggie Chien
Senior Account Manager: Ami Chan
Illustrator/Digital Artist: Pawel Nolbert
Programming: Ysure