Terminal 5 Films, Nokia

As we have reported on before in CR, Nokia has been commissioning an imaginative array of motion graphics work for display in its stores around the world

That project has now been extended to Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 where the phone brand owns a series of giant screens that wrap around five columns spaced throughout the length of the building.

 Tom Hingston Studio, Universal Everything and Graphic Havoc were asked to create short film loops to run on the screens. Unusually for a studio known for its strong graphic and type work, Hingston’s pair of films are both live action. In one a variety of people interact with a piece of glass positioned in front of the camera like a window, creating the kind of moments you might want to capture with a phone camera. In the other, a group creates a mural by placing coloured wooden discs on a black wall.

For the first of his films, Matt Pyke of Universal Everything enlisted the help of Flickr to get people from around the world to photograph themselves holding up a blank sheet of A3 paper. He then animated a line drawing over around 70 of these photographs creating the impression of a continuous piece. In his second film, Pyke worked with Karsten Schmidt to create a system in the Processing programme that would randomly generate characters designed by Pyke. Each cute character drops in to the left of the frame and appears to move across the screen as if on a travelator. 

Graphic Havoc’s contributions consist of a film in which the phrase ‘I Love You’ is spelled out in different forms plus another which uses shadow puppets to tell the story of a gift being passed around the world.





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