Tesco Finest Fish packaging by Jones Knowles Ritchie

This project has been selected in the Design – Packaging category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

Canned fish isn’t terribly exciting; it’s the sort of thing you have in the  back of a cupboard for those days when you want to rustle up a lazy dinner. Typical fish tin designs are about as unexciting as the contents. But Jones Knowles Ritchie’s new designs for Tesco Finest rethink the roll-back tin design.

The basic configuration of the can itself stays the same: stackable, round-edged, flat metal tins with pull-back lids. But cheerful vibrant illustrations add a bit of oomph to humble mackerel and sardines. The agency has treated the cans to an aesthetic usually reserved for the posh bit in the snack aisle.

Since it was launched 20 years ago, Tesco Finest has attempted to position itself as the more upmarket of the own-brand product lines. Over the years, the brand’s identity and visual language has evolved to reflect the latest trends in what is considered premium. For the past five years or so, since it’s last major design overhaul in 2013, the aesthetic has leaned towards artisanal gastropub-esque visual language. Jones Knowles Ritchie’s packaging designs fit within that aesthetic, but feel more up to date.

Design Studio: Jones Knowles Ritchie. Executive Creative Director: Sean Thomas. Creative Director: Martin Francis. Design Director: Jon Bailey. Designers: Rob Rogers, Rachel Green. Group Account Director: Richard Baxter. Senior Account Manager: Sophie Mitchell. Senior Artworker: Sam Broude. Artworker: Gerard Peake. Production Director: Christie Nelson. Illustrator: Bailey Sullivan. Marketing Director: Amy Maw.