Tesco: Voice of the Checkout social campaign

BBH’s campaign saw Tesco burst onto the TikTok scene as a way for the supermarket to grow its number of younger Clubcard users. It is a winner in the Social category

Tesco was fairly late to the TikTok party compared with other brands that have found success on the platform, but when it finally showed up with Voice of the Checkout, the supermarket proved it had understood the assignment perfectly.

The campaign was born out of a desire to grow the number of younger Tesco Clubcard users. To achieve this, the supermarket and BBH decided to lean into the distinctive, and often divisive, voice of the self-checkout – and in particular its personal catchphrase: ‘Clubcard accepted.’

Fronted by the voice behind Tesco’s existing talking till, the campaign allowed people to audition to replace them by doing a TikTok duet with the till to be in with the chance of becoming the new voice. Within a few hours, the original video had been viewed over a million times.


The wait is over! The new #tescovoiceofcheckout is… @dogtor_who ! Listen in-store up to 27th Nov when scanning your Clubcard/App at self-checkouts.

♬ original sound – Tesco – Tesco

As it began trending, the #voiceofthecheckout hashtag reached over 42 million views during the ten-day campaign period alone, and the story was picked up by both UK and international publications. Of the more than 3,000 entrants, the winner was chosen in October 2022, and their voice uploaded to checkouts across the country.

The secret to the campaign’s success arguably lay in its willingness to throw out the polished brand rulebook and lean into the chaos of the TikTok community, turning one of the supermarket’s greatest annoyances into a total joy.

Tesco: Voice of the Checkout
Winner: Social
Entrant: BBH
Agency: BBH
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Grieve
Executive Creative Director: Helen Rhodes
Creative Director: Christine Turner
Creatives: George Robb, Sophie Taylor
Producers: Rachel Clarke, Julian Cave, Victoria Doran, Tilly Kolu, Ish Schein, Emma Fewtrell, Rory Reames
Production Company: Black Sheep Studios
Production Company Producers: Rory Forrest, Korrie Powell, Elliot Ruby
Account Director: Luke Abbott
Senior Account Manager: Michael Wong
Strategist: Mara Dettman