Tessa Noble

Noble is now Designer, Amazon

Noble’s award-winning response to a student packaging brief

One of the most talked about ads of last year’s festive season was Amazon’s Priest and Imam. While Amazon engaged JOINT, Tessa Noble was chosen as part of the creative team to work on initial ideas for the ad. However, just two years ago she was still fresh out of university and entering D&AD New Blood Academy. Now working as a designer at Amazon, after an internship at the company, Noble counts this experience as one of her most satisfying so far. “I felt very proud to be part of such a fantastic ad with a real positive resonating message,” she says. “Turning the TV on and seeing something you have worked so hard on is one of those pinch yourself unforgettable moments.”

I think it’s tricky when you come out of university, as you are so used to creating work that is experimental and has no boundaries

Noble left university in 2015 with an armful of accolades, and a spot at D&AD New Blood Academy – which she describes as an “intensive bootcamp”. Not just a chance for rigorous portfolio surgeries and advice from the industry, Noble says the programme helped her understand more about the kind of work she wanted to do.

“I think it’s tricky when you come out of university, as you are so used to creating work that is experimental and has no boundaries,” she explains.

Set of illustrations based on wild animals by Tessa Noble.

Even now, elements she learned at D&AD New Blood Academy still form the ‘backbone’ of projects she takes on, along with exhaustive research and a belief in “diving deep” into briefs.

At Amazon, Noble makes the most of the company’s diverse business, doing everything from creating stop-motion animation for social media posts to thinking up ideas and concepts for ad campaigns and designing products. She firmly believes in creating work that resonates, and places human needs and desires at the forefront.

Tessa Noble

“It means designing experiences and products that support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life,” she says. “Therefore restoring the human balance in brands and businesses that have lost their way.” And it’s not just the world of advertising and design that Noble’s set her sights on, believing that the skills she’s learning in the creative industry will be an invaluable way of designing solutions for everyday problems.

“It’s essential to surround yourself with inspiring people and environments to ensure you continue to learn and grow throughout your career,” she says. “I think the more you can read, take courses, travel, research, network and have life experiences, the closer you get to creating the best work you possibly can.”

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