OPX: Tharsus rebrand

Honourable Mention: Design, Motion Graphics and Moving Parts

Based in Blyth, and already one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology businesses, Tharsus helps companies apply technologies to solve their strategic automation challenges and create new business opportunities. As part of a rebrand of the company, OPX developed a visual identity that looked to strike a balance between the hard edges of tech and manufacturing, without losing the company’s humanity and people-focus.

When trying to visually describe what Tharsus does, it became apparent to the designers that it sits somewhere between the physical process of product assembling and the non-physical process of design. To articulate this, OPX created a 3D-rendered world, allowing them to describe the full range of Tharsus’ work, including some of its more abstract concepts, as well as literal ones. This was developed further into short animations as a brand video and detailed diagrams that describe the client journey, design process, and the value added by Tharsus.

Design: OPX
Project Lead/CEO: Frances Jackson
Creative Director: David Bennett
Design Director: Adam Quilliam
Account Management: Larraine Datta
Digital Producer: Sean Croucher


Milton Keynes