The Adventures of Nick Turpin

To promote its Pixon Camera Phone, Samsung has commissioned photographer Nick Turpin (we’re assured that’s his real name) to take street shots around Europe, every day for the next 28 days. The subject of each photograph will be determined by the votes of visitors to this website

To promote its

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Pepsi To Leave ‘Em Laughing

Pepsi is redesigning its globe logo. According to Ad Age “A ‘smile’ will characterise brand Pepsi, while a ‘grin’ is used for Diet Pepsi and a ‘laugh’ is used for Pepsi Max.” Yikes.

Return (2) of the Mac

Mac has just fired off Bake Sale, a second shot in the direction of Microsoft’s I’m A PC commercial…


“Seeing things exploding isn’t particularly rare,” says founder of Kilimanjaro magazine Olu Odukoya, “but seeing a teddy bear exploding evokes an emotional response.” Indeed.

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