The analogue search engine

When H&M Home moved its online store into a physical showroom in Stockholm, design studio UXUS shifted its search engine online too

With online shopping so pervasive these days, retailers need to up their game in order to encourage customers to trek through bad weather and crowds to actually visit stores and browse. To help them achieve this, UXUS design agency in Amsterdam has been creating retail experiences and in-store installations for stores and restaurants around the world that make going out a whole lot more fun. Recently, UXUS has been working with H&M Home in Stockholm to help launch a showroom that sees H&M’s homewares line move from a purely web and catalogue range to having an in-store presence. 

For its first installation for H&M, UXUS turned the shop into a kind of gallery. In a display of mirrors and suspended furniture, the products appeared as works of art, and the ordinary was made exciting and fresh. The second installation, shown here, directly references the brand’s move from the internet to retail, however.

“The installation celebrates H&M Home’s transition from an online and cata-logue retailer, to a physical showroom where one can indulge all the senses, especially touch,” say UXUS creative directors and partners George Gottl and Oliver Michell. “With the dominance of digital systems in our world, we explore the possibility of discovering through direct interaction. A large wooden display unit presents a series of pulleys and levers that are attached to various products. An action causes a reaction, pull and push, discovering through the physical exploration of an analogue search engine.”

H&M Home’s products come to life in the unusual display, with various items from the store placed on a long table that runs the length of the ‘exhibition zone’ of the store. To get a good view of the products, customers could pull on the crank handles that are mounted onto the table to ‘elevate’ the chosen items above the rest. Alongside proving a hit with adult visitors to the store, the ‘search engine’ also provided ample entertainment for bored children.

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