The art of self promotion

Miami Ad School NY offer ten tips on how to get your name out there

1. Broadcast what is unique about you. The people interviewing you for a job will be looking at countless other candidates, so make sure the ‘About Me’ section of your online portfolio is as stunning as the work. Describe something crazy that you’re utterly passionate about. It’ll set you apart and give everyone something to remember you by.

2. Have a career vision. Always think where you want to go. Can you describe in 140 characters what you want to be doing in the next five to ten years? Anything goes – from owning fifty lions, to doing controversial work that people either love or hate. Showing that you can think ahead is a great way to self-promote.

3. Be charming. In an interview situation, if you feel under pressure, or can’t come up with a good answer on the spot, tell the person interviewing you that you’re struggling and make a clever joke about it. It’s better than leaving both of you hanging.

4. Make the most of industry events. And remember: you have to stand out from the crowd. So always ask questions, be curious and introduce yourself to the speakers or participants, leaving them your business card.

5. Put your name out there. Comment on articles online, find your voice and have an opinion. You can even be brutally honest as long as you’re being constructive and your views are instigating debate in a healthy way.

6. Think of yourself as a brand. Be consistent with how you present yourself online (on Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and offline. And meet with as many people as you can – after all it’s much better to send a personal email to a creative director you met, rather than cold-calling recruiters.

7. Be interesting and interested. Learn about who you are talking to, be interested in what they have to say. If you like what you hear, do a background check on the agency and their work. When you meet that person again, they’ll be impressed. And you never know, maybe an opportunity will come out of this.

8. Don’t take it personally or you’ll die. When you start to get your name out, there will always be haters. So if you receive criticism, learn from it. If people are just being nasty for no reason, start tanning that thick skin you’ll need.

9. Have a game plan. In an interview situation, prioritise what you want to talk about. Choose your three favourite pieces of work and practice explaining them. Talk about the idea and, if relevant, how it works. And always have a question ready to ask your interviewer. It shows that you care about the work (see point 7).

10. Finally, don’t just talk: make stuff. Take this write-up, for example. We got together in class, went through what we’d learned and collectively wrote a self-promotional piece all about self-promotion.

Written and compiled by Ale Lariu and graduates of Miami Ad School New York: Viktor Angwald, Borja Beneyto, Angela Garcia, Rajat Gupta, Matilda Kahl, Maria Maturana, Morgan Perrine, Gonzalo Muino, Jacob Sempler. See


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