The Beautiful Meme creates identity with “attitude” for Twentytwo

The Beautiful Meme has created a colourful visual identity for Twentytwo – a new 62-storey workspace in London’s Square Mile

Twentytwo identity by The Beautiful Meme

Twentytwo, which opens next year, will be the tallest skyscraper in the Square Mile once complete. The 62-storey building includes a gym, a spa and retreat, a communal food hall, a “lobby full of art”, social spaces and a bike park.

The branding aims to be “consistent in energy and attitude, rather than rules and logo placement,” says The Beautiful Meme studio founder and Creative Director Tom Sharp.

Sharp says that a key part of the project was making “a strong distinction between Twentytwo and competitor commercial property brands – something that reflected the bravery and ambition of the project.”

The identity uses a palette of primary colours along with the font Arial Nova. The Beautiful Meme commissioned seven artists working across different media to create a piece that responds to one of the communal spaces in the building. Among the artists are illustrator Jonathan Calugi, who creates energetic continuous line works; infrared photographer Paulo Pettigiani; Netherlands-based Merjin Hos and photography duo Baker & Evans.

The commissioned images are used alongside the primary colour system across the brand materials for Twentytwo, including the website, brochures, building hoardings and other touchpoints. The Beautiful Meme also created designs for a series of custom Twentytwo Brompton bikes and cycling jerseys.

Ben Haworth, Creative Director of The Beautiful Meme, says the studio wanted to create an identity that was “less about amenities and architecture” and more about “character and soul”.

“The dynamic graphic language is held together by bold colour — we feel we have created a brand that can talk authentically to a range of businesses from any sector,” he adds.


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