How embracing fear can help create better design

Design studio Accept + Proceed recently tackled the subject of fear and how it affects the work they produce in a series of workshops. The results contained both useful insights, and a rather lovely book cover

It might seem a little bit dramatic to start talking about fear in relation to design studios. After all, most are fairly comfortable, engaging and enriching spaces. And yet, fear can reach its tentacles into the work place in surprisingly subtle and insidious ways. Whether it be a fear of looking stupid, a fear of someone else nicking your ideas or a fear of your work just not being good enough: all of these anxieties can affect the culture of a company, or in the case of a design studio, the kind of work it might produce.

Accept & Proceed decided to explore how these fears play out in its own studio after founder David Johnston met writer and coach Hilary Gallo, who has been exploring the subject of fear over the past few years, and has recently released a book on the subject, Fear Hack. Gallo came to A&P to do a workshop, and the studio, in turn, then ran their own Fear Hack workshop, which, somewhat by chance, resulted in a piece of design, in the form of a cover for Gallo’s book.



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