The Black Pencil debate

The Black Pencil is D&AD’s ultimate award. To determine which, if any, work each year is worthy of this honour, the heads of each jury assemble to explain their group’s decisions in choosing the Yellow Pencils and decide jointly whether anything deserves elevation to Black. This year, for the first time, D&AD made a film of the process, in collaboration with RSA Films

“I hope we’re truly harsh because I think the Black Pencil has to be quite extraordinary”
Sir John Hegarty, right, on judging

“Everybody wanted to take one of these bottles home”
Mary Lewis, Packaging Design, right, on the Johnnie Walker 1910 special edition bottles.

“We were all in love with this book and couldn’t put it down”
Mark Ecob, Book Design, on Marion Deuchars, Let’s Make Some Art, above

“We must have watched it 20 times and each time you were equally rewarded. It has fantastic moments and it makes a beautiful point about the product”

Mark Tutssel, TV and Cinema, on Canal +, The Bear, above


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