The Book of Everyone

Ad creatives Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins and Steve Hanson have launched a website selling personalised books that combine randomly generated trivia with artwork from leading illustrators.

Ad creatives Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins and Steve Hanson have launched a website selling personalised books that combine randomly generated trivia with artwork from leading illustrators.

The Book of Everyone offers 50-page digital, paper or hardback books. Customers are asked to enter the name and date of birth of the person they’d like to make a book for, followed by their own name, and a preview is ready to view in around thirty seconds. Users can then edit some pages further, choosing subjects the recipient is most likely think about or super powers that would best suit their personality.

The finished result is a collection of weird and fascinating facts illustrated by creatives including Brosmind, Jean Julien, Malike Favre, MVM, Ian Stevenson and Supermundane.

Trivia includes the likely weight of all the food you’ve consumed in your life time or how many heart beats you’ve experienced, as well as the usual list of chart hits, popular TV shows and world leaders on the day/year/month you were born. Stats in each book are generated using a custom database that contains more than 130,000 scenarios and took developers Hugh Williams and Dan Evans-Jones two years to make.

Of course, personalised books are nothing new but Biggins, Bramley and Hanson felt there was still a gap in the market, which is why they decided to launch the business in 2012.

“We decided to build a technology platform that could create a beautiful personalised book around anyone in a few seconds…something that was well written rather than skimming off the web and tha used a great roster of designers and illustrators to make every page. We wanted every book to feel upbeat and celebratory, with lots of little curious facts and weird witticisms to keep you leafing through,” say Hanson and Biggins.

To celebrate its launch, The Book of Everyone is hosting an exhibition at KK Outlet featuring work from contributing illustrators and a collection of sample books. Biggins and Hanson also say they are interested in launching greetings cards and merchandising but have no fixed plans just yet.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with lots of different styles and work with loads of great artists, [and] we really encourage the collaborators to have fun and make their own interpretation of the assignment,” say the pair.

Supermundane, you can store 1,000 terabytes of memories in your head.

As it’s all compiled digitally, The Book of Everyone lacks a certain hand-crafted appeal but the custom platform makes ordering one quick and simple. Each copy includes some excellent illustrations and Biggins and Hanson say they will be commissioning new work on a regular basis.

“We really want to work with all the illustrators again, while at the same time adding adding to the list of great people that we work with. The nature of The Book of Everyone means that we are always looking for new contributors,” they add.

Malika Favre

Jean Julienthe word eco terrorist was added to the diction


Patrick Kyle, the Gameboy was the biggest selling toy in 1989

The Book of Everyone launch takes place at KK Outlet, London N1 6PB on Thursday January 30. For details see

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