The Bowery in black and white: New York’s giant photo gallery

A soon-to-be-opened Bowery hotel is home to an 18-storey-high photo exhibition, featuring black and white portraits of New Yorkers shot by Christelle de Castro

Images of 62 Lower East Side locals cover the windows of citizenM’s latest opening on the Bowery, which continues the brand’s legacy of creating art installations to launch its new hotels.

Having already collaborated with the likes of Julian Opie and Mark Titchner in London, and Alex Dordoy in Glasgow, citizenM has now partnered with photographer and director Christelle de Castro in New York – whose studio is down the road from the hotel.

The collection of portraits is intended to represent the area’s community, and brings together photos of business owners, drag queens, journalists, artists, musicians, and even a dog and a kitten.

The subjects were all found via word of mouth, with many of them making introductions for de Castro, and helping to find well-known locals such as Village Voice writer Michael Musto, and artist and musician Kembra Pfahler.

Although some of the photographs are carefully poised, many of them are enjoyably lighthearted, with subjects grinning, smirking, pointing, and posing. The giant exhibition will remain on display until mid-July, when the hotel opens for business.