The changing face of healthcare branding

With a wave of brands sidestepping corporate cliché in favour of warm and friendly identities, are we finally beginning to see a shift in healthcare branding? We take a look at the companies that are taking a different approach

The healthcare sector hasn’t traditionally been known for its creative approach to branding. From the garish designs on over-the-counter medicines, to the sea of brands with blue logos and names that riff on health and wellness, it’s an industry that is rife with cliché and designs that feel distinctly un-human. 

But perhaps this is starting to change. In the past few months, several brands have sidestepped this corporate and clinical approach in favour of more colourful, contemporary and cheerful identities. 

DesignStudio’s identity for Alan

DesignStudio recently worked with health insurance startup Alan to create a “furry graphic language” based around a bear-like creature. With pastel tones and informal copy (the brand’s strapline is ‘your friend in health’), it has a very different look and feel to established competitors such as Axa and Bupa.