The Chemical Brothers & Beck: Skipping Like a Stone music video

Entrant: Canada; Category: Music Videos

Chemical Brothers Beck Skipping Like A Stone video

The video for Skipping Like a Stone stars Kurt Steiner, who holds the world record for stone skipping and is a hero among practitioners of the sport.

Steiner is shown launching a rogue stone, which whisks viewers along on a madcap journey through the land as it embarks on “an unceasing quest to do kinetic good”, explains the production company, Canada. These deeds of benign destruction include disarming a robber, freeing a woman from a burning building and inspiring a young boy to develop his own passion for stone skipping.

“The brief was completely open, so we decided to bring something we considered new and work on a concept that was both cinematic and as mesmerising as the song. The song has a certain epic, celestial tone. The lyrics associate the idea of coming together with skipping stones.”

Production Company: Canada
Director: Pensacola
Label: EMI
Global Head of Production: Alba Barneda
Managing Director, London: Marta Bobić
EP/Head of Music Videos: Callum Harrison
Producers: Adam Farley, Davey Ahern
Service Company: 247xRadioaktivefilm
DOP: Christopher Ripley
Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Editor: Jack Williams, The Assembly Rooms
Colour Grading: Emiliano Serantoni
Post-Production: Mathematic