The Chemical Brothers’ new video is a dystopian nightmare

Ninian Doff’s video for the Chemical Brothers’ new single Sometimes I Feel So Deserted is totally compelling.

Ninian Doff’s video for the Chemical Brothers’ new single Sometimes I Feel So Deserted is totally compelling.

Viewers are dropped halfway into a story where things are clearly unravelling for the central characters, who are shown limping and crawling through a vast desert space, while being pursued by a gang in a truck. Quite what’s happened to them – or exactly what the future holds – we’ll never find out but this promo feels like a little movie in its own right.



According to Doff, the shoot was as full on as you might expect. “We shot it in a very strange, very flat, lifeless space in Teruell in Spain,” he says. “The shoot was exhausting and relentless: we suffered thunder and lightning storms, floods (in a desert!) and military police clampdowns. But despite all of that, we managed to shoot everything.

“The track is amazing,” he continues. “It keeps surprising you with pretty out-there sounds and time changes; I think that actually really informed the development of the idea and directing style. The track almost works like a sound design in film, those huge clanging sounds or crazy rising builds progress throughout the track and you can’t ignore them so you have to craft the idea to work with those elements.

“It’s probably the most any track has been visually linked in my work – pretty much every beat or sample directly matches what the camera or actor is doing.”

Director: Ninian Doff
DOP: Ross McLennan
Production company: Pulse Films

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