The Children’s Hospital Charity, Artfelt Distraction App

Honourable Mention: Digital, Interactive Film & Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality

The Artfelt Distraction App is an augmented reality game that aims to provide escapism for young patients at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital. The game transforms patients’ rooms into an exciting array of arctic and woodland worlds that come to life through an iPad.

The artwork on every wall becomes a landscape of the game, and the app features a 3D soundscape with different compositional layers that are randomised so it doesn’t become repetitive.

Artfelt designed a case for the wall that wirelessly charges the iPad and allows the game to load up instantly, making it hassle-free for the hospital staff. The game was designed with a retro aesthetic to appeal to all ages, as patients at the hospital are aged between 0-19. Early testing found that younger children enjoyed tapping frequently, so tapping interactions were added that trigger interesting sound effects, proving highly beneficial for children with limited motor skills. The app also features humour to engage the children.

Artfelt worked closely with clinical staff and patients, and conducted extensive user testing, to ensure they were at the heart of the app development. This collaborative approach with staff has ensured the product is used to its best effect and is embedded in the treatment workflow.

Design: Artfelt, Megaverse