The Cover Of A Book…: Arnolfini, Bristol

Currently on show at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol is The Cover Of A Book Is The Beginning Of A Journey, an exhibition focusing on artists’ books.

These are not just any old artists’ books, however, but specifically ones that “offer sets of instructions or are derived from instructions”, which also “unsettle the usual distinctions between writers and readers, artists and audiences, and act as prompts to go beyond the convent-ions of reading”.

The show draws in part from the gallery’s archive, as well as from the artist book collection at the University of the West of England, and includes books by artists including Angela Bulloch, Sophie Calle, Jonathan Monk, Ed Ruscha and Lawrence Weiner amongst many others.

As part of the exhibition, artist Duncan Speakman has made a copy of his book, for every step you take I take a thousand (2007), available to download and print from the Arnolfini website, along with an accompanying soundtrack, to be played whilst reading the book.


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