The CR Podcast episode 1: #MeToo, protest art, Joel Meyerowitz and Chris Ware

Today we release the first episode of the CR Podcast, where Creative Review’s writers and editors gather to discuss the burning issues in the creative industry today (plus some nice photography and illustration projects).

Welcome to the first episode of the Creative Review Podcast. This is a regular series created by the CR team where the writers and editors at the magazine (alongside occasional guests) will come together to discuss the issues, and the work, that is currently preoccupying the creative industries.

It this first episode, Patrick Burgoyne, Eliza Williams, Rachael Steven, and Salonee Gadgil gather to discuss the impact of the #MeToo movement on the creative industry and the recent survey we ran on the topic; The trend for artists, designers and ad agencies to create posters for protest, most recently in the Never Again campaign against gun violence in the US; A new monograph by legendary photographer Joel Meyerowitz; and the appearance by artist and illustrator Chris Ware at the recent Offset Festival in Dublin.

Further links to these projects are listed below, but first, listen to the podcast here:


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