The CR podcast episode 14: Making, changing and documenting places

In this episode of the CR podcast we discuss the topics covered in the Place issue including city branding, how one ad agency is helping transform Paris and a design manifesto for Manchester

The October/November 2018 print issue of CR is dedicated to The Place, and in it we look at how neighbourhoods, cities and countries are created, changed and documented. In this episode of the podcast CR Editors Patrick Burgoyne, Eliza Williams and Rachael Steven discuss some of the topics covered in the issue.

We talk about advertising and branding for cities and countries, and touch upon some of the challenges of creating identities for places. Eliza Williams reveals the role of BETC founder Rémi Babinet in an ambitious project to transform Paris. Plus, our thoughts on the Manchester Design Manifesto, a programme with aims to put design at the heart of the city’s public services.