The Cribs’ visual biography

Jeffrey Lewis has created this two page visual biography of The Cribs to go along with their fourth album ‘Ignore the Ignorant’…

The Cribs have recently confirmed the release of their fourth album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ for the 7th September. Along with the music Jeffrey Lewis (an illustrator friend of the band and recording artist in his own right) has created a visual biography of the band. For all 12 tracks on the new album Jeffrey Lewis is planning on illustrating 4/5 boxes for each strip, which will then be available with the album on release. 

Usually a bands new musical release would be promoted with a promotional CD and a predictable press release and band biography.  However when we received The Cribs press release with this visual biography by Jeffrey Lewis it definitely caught our eye.

Here is the two page visual biography of the band:


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