The design festival identity inspired by a kids’ party

Graphic Design Festival Scotland has revealed its 2018 programme and visual identity, which takes inspiration from children’s birthday parties

Graphic Design Festival Scotland identity, by Warriors Studio and Cause & Effect

Graphic Design Festival Scotland founders Warriors Studio collaborated with fellow Glasgow-based studio Cause & Effect on this year’s festival identity, which looks to celebrate “how much [it’s] grown” in the five years since the first edition. The look and feel merges a sleek sci-fi-esque aesthetic with a touch of trash and nostalgia. “We’ve applied our design skills to that often-neglected graphic goldmine: the children’s birthday party,” Warriors Studio explains.

“After a few years of more conceptual, theoretical identity design, we wanted to create something that was fun, bold but most importantly, a bit cheeky. Combining 3D renders, a truly bizarre mix of typefaces, and a plethora of hidden surprises on the website, we sought to evoke childhood memories of birthdays, albeit twisted off-kilter.”



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