The End is a tea brand designed for the apocalypse

Madrid agency Niiiiice has launched a satirical new tea company, offering a range of herbal infusions for various end-of-world scenarios

However you think the apocalypse is going to arrive, The End has a tea to suit the occasion. Pandemic Chill, with its “harmonious infusion of lemon and ginger”, feels like a very current choice, but there’s also Meteor Calm, Nuclear Detox, Peace Invasion and Mint Wildfire.

Niiiiice has matched each disaster with an appropriate set of flavours. If the world ends in an inferno, Mint Wildfire’s aroma of mint and rosemary offers “a calming effect on the digestive system and respiration”, while Nuclear Detox is packed with toxin-exterminating vanilla and cinnamon.

The agency has even created a short film to promote The End, accompanied, of course, by a soothing voice and stock imagery of laughing people enjoying tea. “A new nuclear war, polar thaw, tsunamis, even the brain-eating amoeba – everything sounds like heavenly music with a warm cup in your hands,” intones the advert, solemnly.

All the flavours are available to buy via The End website, which also sells emergency mylar blankets beneath which, presumably, you can slurp your end-of-world cuppa.;