The (far too) Big Apple

The half-metre tall, New York book from Gloria publishing on its “tower” display stand. At nearly 800 pages thick it comes in at an indulgent 100,000,000cm2 of printed material. But once you’ve quelled any nagging ecological concerns, where the hell are you going to put it?
We know that NYC is big. A big city, a big attitude etc etc. So if you were going to do the place justice in print, you’d make an inordinately big book, right? Well, luxury publishing house Gloria have done exactly that: they’ve collected together 1200 photographs that best define the city and, in the third oversized edition from the company (which has already produced a fantastic tome on Pelé and a not-so-interesting book on, er… Superyachts) they’ve risen to the challenge of trying to evoke the ultimate metropolis on paper…


Milton Keynes