The Fedrigoni Mountains, Alex Ostrowski

As part of a series of events in its new London gallery space, paper company Fedrigoni approached art director Alex Ostrowski to devise an installation. Ostrowski worked with illustrator and set-maker Hattie Newman (a long-term collaborator) to come up with The Fedrigoni Mountains

“We learned that Fedrigoni’s original paper mill is in Verona, Italy, surrounded by the Dolomite mountain range. Inspired by this, we decided to create a fictitious model mountain range built using their papers,” Ostrowski explains.

The mountains consist of 12 peaks, each made from a different Fedrigoni paper and each named after the paper they are made of (eg Mount Tintoretto). The pair then invited illustrators to ‘explore’ the mountains “by visiting our sculp­ture at Fedrigoni’s showroom and elaborating on what they see to docu­ment an imaginary visual explor­ation of their mountain”. Each illustrator was asked to create a new image on one b1 sheet of paper. On March 31, the installation opens: the 12 illustrators’ artworks will be on the walls, with the mountain range in the middle.

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