The finest shots of the year

Over 70 pages of the best photography of the past year were published in our Photography Annual, part of a November double issue

In the Photography Annual, selected work is divided into categories for personal work, advertising, work shot for design consultancies, editorial and conceptual work shot for photolibraries. Entries are viewed by a panel of leading art directors and art buyers with the best featured in a special November double issue of Creative Review.

To enter this year’s Photography Annual, please go here.

More from CR

Match Day (Pocket Edition)

Match Day, Bob Stanley’s 2006 collection of UK football programmes, has just been published as a pocket edition, making it even easier to flick through the printed glories of yesteryear while on the terraces. The book is, again, designed by FUEL and features 450 examples from the post-war period to the start of the Premiership in 1992. It’s a lovely antidote to the glossy corporate brochures served up at football matches today.

Design In The Front Line

Activists at Climate Camp 2007 march on BAA’s Heathrow offices. The ‘shields’ feature images of a cross-section of the world’s population. Photo © Kristian Buus
Climate Camp provides an opportunity to examine design activism in action. Jody Boehnert attended this year’s event and reported back for CR.

Gunn Report 2008

Fallon London’s Gorilla spot for Cadbury’s was the most awarded commercial in the world in 2008 according to the Gunn Report
All the winners from this year’s advertising awards ceremonies have been counted and verified, and the results of this year’s Gunn Report are in.

The Adventures of Nick Turpin

To promote its Pixon Camera Phone, Samsung has commissioned photographer Nick Turpin (we’re assured that’s his real name) to take street shots around Europe, every day for the next 28 days. The subject of each photograph will be determined by the votes of visitors to this website

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