The Forgotten British Elder by Steve Reeves

Honourable Mention – Personal

In this series, Steve Reeves photographs members of the older generation in the UK, with the aim of exploding some of the myths that have grown up around them in recent years. “In our fast-moving, consumer-driven, social media-obsessed world, there’s a whole raft of our society quietly going about their business at a completely different pace,” says Reeves.

“The ‘British elders’ have become a forgotten part of our society and are often dismissed as being conservative, Brexiteers, and unfairly assumed to be racist or homophobic. In my experience, the exact opposite is true. I’m hoping that in a tiny way, my work shines a light on this forgotten section of our society.

“In many countries, the old are respected, but in Britain, they are derided and ignored. These are the people I seek out with my camera.”